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Painting walls Ideas

Written By: Dirk Mohs - May• 20•13
Painting walls Ideas

Ideas for painting walls

To make your own four walls with imagination and creativity, opportunities abound. With role, Equipped brush and paint, are the walls painting ideas knows no bounds.

Colourful set priorities

This method has become very popular: During three walls of a room are very brightly painted white or, receives the fourth wall a dark color, which stands out strongly. A warm deep red or medium gray are ideal colors, to give a new character to the room. Another possibility are Tuck: Be on a turn light background – depending on your taste – Applied pastels or more vibrant colors in horizontal stripes. In particular, small or long rooms benefit from this solution.

More painting walls Ideas

Another type of wall design lies in the inclusion of specific motives, For example delicate plant designs. Thus, on a neutral ground, for example, a filigree plant tendril to ceiling “grow” or a life-sized stylized sunflower stretched their blossoms towards ceiling. The choice of colors does not necessarily in this idea are based on the reality – when the wall is painted, for example, in a bright Sandton, is a climbing plant in Tan very interesting accents.
The reverse way is possible: On a medium-gray wall, a light gray or white plant raises very well – with such optical effects requires a wall no longer suspended picture.

The walls visually share

A popular type of creative wall design is in the walls in about half the ceiling height to draw a horizontal line and the bottom half to emphasize very different from the upper – optionally with a distinctive transition. This principle corresponds to the Borders for wallpapering. In small rooms you will find an optical magnification, when the lower half of the wall is painted darker than the top. In rooms with high ceilings, however, the amount of which can apparently by a darker upper wall half “pull down”. The transition between two colors can – in turn dependent on the personal preferences – be designed with an ornament, about a plant tendril, which runs across all the walls, or geometric shapes.

Ideas for painting walls for the staircase

Hallways and other rooms with stairs can Gradients, the optically follow the stairway, are designed very creatively. An oblique upward streaks on differently colored background gives the room a lot more charm.
If once came the first good idea when renovating and figures, followed by many more ideas of painting walls all alone.

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