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Remove wallpaper

Written By: Dirk Mohs - Apr• 27•13

Peel wallpaper

Peel wallpaper

When it comes to, to renovate an apartment or a house, so one is often faced with the question: Wallpapering or painting? Of course it is easier, easy to paper a wall, while the strike is often complex: Here walls must first taped and other arrangements are made, take a long time to. In any case, it is important, First remove the old wallpaper, before you go right. Only then, if the ground is cleaned, holds the following wallpaper also correctly. In addition, it would be anything but beautiful, when the new wallpaper is lighter than the old one and possibly shine through the previous pattern still can. Must remove the wallpaper thus take place necessarily.

It is not always easy, To remove an old wallpaper. Some products can be easily peel off course-wise, others are persistent and must be scraped off piecemeal – which is time-consuming, cumbersome and hardly makes fun.

Remove the right utensils for wallpaper

One of the most important resources Help, to solve wallpapers from wall, is one of the spatula. This is flat and can be pushed very good between wallpaper and wall. Because it can be used as a sort of lever, can thus even large pieces of wallpaper quickly remove. If, however to walls, which have been repeatedly papered and pasted or painted over repeatedly, then a spatula is not really helpful. Here, it is important, that initially the adhesive effect is reduced – to the softening of the material is the best method.

Remove with water wallpaper – that's how it's done

Paste is in principle always water – quite a simple procedure is therefore, to bring water to the very simple wall. This can be done either with a sponge or with a steam cleaner. Optimally, one uses for hot water with a little detergent or with special wallpaper Loser. You should be careful, that the water is applied from top to bottom. Then you wait a while, allow moisture to penetrate the various layers. Subsequently, the wallpaper can be peeled off quite quickly as a rule.

Sometimes it can also happen, that a one-time action is not enough. In this case you should simply repeat the process of softening repeatedly, until the layer can be removed more easily Murals. A good tip: Who closes the windows and doors in the appropriate space, reduces the exposure time, because the humidity in the room remains. With these tips, the wallpaper so remove no longer a problem!

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