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Wallpaper for children

Written By: Dirk Mohs - Feb• 01•12

Cotton as wallpaper for children

Kids love Cotton wallpaper!
Show your children our sample panels and they will be delighted. Especially the great glitter effects not only fascinate the little children. Combine the favorite color with the most beautiful glitter. Let your children put together the material itself. Let your children together looking colors and effects of different patterns at will, let us know the result (z.B. Pattern1 plus. Colour threads of pattern2 plus mica from Muster3) and we will mix the wallpaper for your kids, Hollow to like best and which also has guaranteed no other child. Something like your loved one will certainly never experienced!
Mixing the cotton wallpaper is a free service. You only pay the extra for the added materials.

A wallpaper for children Wall

Thus, the wall becomes a Wall!
Poster and list easily can be mounted with pins in the Cotton wallpaper, without that takes seriously damage. Should really times caused a hole, Dampen the spot and easy to push the material back together.
So useful may be a wall!

Mending the nursery wallpaper

Of course, it comes in the nursery now and then damage or contamination. Remove the dirty places, fill in the missing areas again with cotton wallpaper and already is nothing more to see. So also you have long joy of wallpaper for their children!

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