Cotton plaster

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Anyone planning to Neurenovierung its interiors, faces a plethora of options compared to. It is no coincidence delight in this context, the structure wallpaper lasting popularity. What distinguishes this in detail before other wall coverings and what points to consider when applying textured wallpaper, to be discussed in the following rudimentary. What are textured wallpaper? Strukturtapeten bestechen nicht […]

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Non-woven wallpaper has now long been their place alongside classic wallpaper – and for good reason. They can be processed very easily, requires no soaking and provides design and structures an extremely comprehensive selection. Die Bestandteile der Vliestapete Vliestapeten bestehen aus Polyester- and cellulose fibers, which are connected to special binders based on polymers. Auf […]

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The woodchip is a wallpaper shape with a rough, uneven, structured surface. Originally it was a year 1864 developed by the pharmacist Hugo Erfurt, who took advantage of this paper wallpaper as decoration for showcase and later as the basis for early size print wallpaper. Already 1920 was the woodchip wallpaper used for the interior design. Vertrieben […]

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Remove wallpaper

When it comes to, to renovate an apartment or a house, so one is often faced with the question: Wallpapering or painting? Of course it is easier, easy to paper a wall, while the strike is often complex: Here walls must first taped and other arrangements are made, take a long time to. In jedem […]

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The beautiful structure of a woodchip wallpaper is clearly visible and palpable rough, the deliberately incorporated unevenness of very fine can range roughened to very coarse. Such wallpaper is not, as usual, set for wallpapering at the edges over each other, but the paths are edge to edge closely spaced. The great advantage of woodchip wallpaper is, […]

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