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Anyone planning to Neurenovierung its interiors, faces a plethora of options compared to. It is no coincidence delight in this context, the structure wallpaper lasting popularity. What distinguishes this in detail before other wall coverings and what points to consider when applying textured wallpaper, to be discussed in the following rudimentary.

What are textured wallpaper?

Textured wallpaper stand out not only by the advantage, that they can be sweep on request several times and therefore in the long term are particularly cost-effective, but also due to the large selection of colors and textures. Who plain and monochrome decor with elegant touches wishes, is right here. Because the surface structure of structure- or. Relief wallpaper on the walls creates an appealing and vibrant mix of light and shadow. Apart from structural wallpapers are very easy to clean due to their high light and water resistance. Dust and stains can be easily removed with a mop and some water. And anyone who still wants a style change without great expense over time, has the possibility, easy to paint over his wallpaper with a different color. In this manner, conjure up a completely new atmosphere. Consist of a stylish white wallcovering over a bright blue through to a rustic wall in a warm Terrakottaton numerous variations. Contrasting brush or. round can be a textured wallpaper also at any time with a tasteful border.

Textured wallpaper - Instructions and advice

When buying a relief wallpaper should be considered, that there are two different types of wallpaper back. Whether one opts for a fleece or a paper-back, depends on the own preferences. If you want to paint over his wallpaper, so should this exercise unconditional care, because an excessive pressure can lead to depression of the structure, which just makes even the extraordinary streets of wallcovering. The application and removal of textured wallpaper also runs fairly straightforward. Upon removal, it is important, to have exact knowledge of the nature of the wallpaper back. Thus, a wallpaper with fleece-back can be easily and completely withdraw from the wall, while a paper back to the wall adheres. As a rule, these are, however, to provide a stable constellation, so that the new wallpaper can be applied without any problems on this surface. Given the fact, that the removal of textured wallpaper is as easy, should not be tempted to, this überzutapezieren. In the long term there is the risk that only an unnecessarily high time and cost, because a relief wallpaper as a background does not provide adequate support. Who considered these few tips when it comes to structure wallpaper, will certainly prolong the enjoyment of his new wallcovering.

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