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Mc Tex beendet Produktion

Written By: Dirk Mohs - Oct• 31•17

Die Firma Mc-Tex beendete im September 2017 die Produktion von Baumwollputz. Damit schließt eine Firma mit langer Tradition im Bereich Baumwollputz dir Pforten.

Klicken Sie hier für Informationen zu Mc-Tex Alternativen.

Painting walls Ideas

Written By: Dirk Mohs - May• 20•13
Painting walls Ideas

Ideas for painting walls

To make your own four walls with imagination and creativity, opportunities abound. With role, Equipped brush and paint, are the walls painting ideas knows no bounds.

Colourful set priorities

This method has become very popular: During three walls of a room are very brightly painted white or, receives the fourth wall a dark color, which stands out strongly. A warm deep red or medium gray are ideal colors, to give a new character to the room. Another possibility are Tuck: Be on a turn light background – depending on your taste – Applied pastels or more vibrant colors in horizontal stripes. In particular, small or long rooms benefit from this solution. (more…)


Written By: Dirk Mohs - May• 15•13

Fiberglass wallpaper are characterized both by their longevity and their compatibility. They are therefore used mainly in public or high-use space as a wall covering. To what extent a fiberglass wallpaper can also prove to be for your own four walls to be advantageous, will be discussed below.

Fiberglass wallpaper in discourse

Fiberglass wallpaper company in relation to its environmental impact is no coincidence that leading position and are mainly used in areas, where absolute hygiene is required, used. These include the treatment rooms of doctors' offices and hospitals Operationssäale. Economically are fiberglass wallpaper prove in the long run especially as meaningful. Although they are more expensive in the initial purchase as example woodchip, but speaks their average lifespan of 30 Years for himself, may yet in the long run that would otherwise incurred renovation costs can be saved. (more…)

If the cat is on the wallpaper scraping

Written By: Dirk Mohs - May• 11•13

You know that too?
Cats find it unlikely great to scrape the wallpaper of your walls. You have just renovated, to be glad, come a few days later back home and see again scratches from your cat in the new wallpaper.
With conventional wallpaper This is extremely annoying and the next renovation already indicated again.
With cotton plaster this problem can be resolved quickly but.

How to remove scratches on your cat wallpaper Cotton

Should there be only single scratch, just take a spray bottle with water, soft cotton plaster a neat and push the cotton plaster back together.
Larger areas can be repaired, without again having to completely renovate new.
Soak the cotton cleaning with a spray bottle with water in a range of approximately 40 cm to the surface zerkratze around a well. Now remove the cotton plaster in the scratch area. If this is still clean, You can even use it again. Now you can apply for this job back new cotton plaster and seamlessly incorporated into the soaked cotton plaster on the wall.
Thus you will save yourself a lot of future renovations and can endure scratching your cat on the wall relaxed.
In the following video to learn more about the processing of cotton plaster.

If you want to learn more about cotton plaster, grab my free Ebook about the right of the text or visit the Baumwollputz Shop

Paper non-woven wallpaper

Written By: Dirk Mohs - May• 07•13

Paper non-woven wallpaper

Paper non-woven wallpaper

More and more people tend, to help their own home to former glory. Accordingly, above all as simple as possible renovation techniques are in demand, which or excessive experience. Require expertise. Non-woven wallpapers have in this context, the advantage, that they can be applied dry and therefore very easily used by beginners in the bloody art of wallpapering. Typically, walls and ceilings are Simply pasted and applied the individual wallpaper strips as desired. In this way you have more room for possible corrections. In the following article are some aspects, which paper related to the topic of 'non-woven wallpaper’ watch for, be addressed.

Paper non-woven wallpaper

A non-woven wallpaper is made up of tear-resistant and smooth fibers and can be mounted due to its dimensional stability without the soft times otherwise required. Non-woven wallpapers are available in all colors and variations. (more…)