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Can I use on wallpaper cotton plaster

Written By: Dirk Mohs - Mar• 07•12

Can I use on wallpaper cotton plaster

If this is to act Rauhfasertapete on plasterboard, and. For this, however, you must still emphasize the Rauhfasertapete twice with the Spezialisolierfarbe of cotton plaster manufacturer. This prevents excessive, that the woodchip wallpaper deviates from the wall, and further, that the dyes contained in the wood chips of Rauhfasertapete cause stains in cotton plaster.

In all other cases I advise strongly from a test from. The cotton plaster would soften the Apply glue and pull its weight, the web.

Therefore, removing Always the old wallpaper and the old wallpaper glue completely. If the masonry old wallpaper paste are, I suggest you also to safety a double coat with the Spezialisolierfarbe manufacturer. Just make sure, you find no stains in cotton plaster after drying.

Here you will find additional information on the Processing of cotton plaster.

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  1. Bernd Barthel says:

    Kann man auf bestehendem Baumwollputz neuen Baumwollputz mit einer Trichtersprühpistole auftragen.

    • Dirk Mohs says:

      Hallo Herr Barthel,

      solange der alte Baumwollputz nicht färbt geht dies.
      Bitte testen Sie es jedoch sicherheitshalber an einer kleinen Fläche aus.

      Mit besten Grüßen,
      Dirk Mohs

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