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Written By: Dirk Mohs - May• 15•13

Fiberglass wallpaper are characterized both by their longevity and their compatibility. They are therefore used mainly in public or high-use space as a wall covering. To what extent a fiberglass wallpaper can also prove to be for your own four walls to be advantageous, will be discussed below.

Fiberglass wallpaper in discourse

Fiberglass wallpaper company in relation to its environmental impact is no coincidence that leading position and are mainly used in areas, where absolute hygiene is required, used. These include the treatment rooms of doctors' offices and hospitals Operationssäale. Economically are fiberglass wallpaper prove in the long run especially as meaningful. Although they are more expensive in the initial purchase as example woodchip, but speaks their average lifespan of 30 Years for himself, may yet in the long run that would otherwise incurred renovation costs can be saved. As with all other wallcoverings is a clean and smooth surface even when attaching fiberglass wallpaper is a prerequisite for sustainability, Longevity and not least a respectable appearance. Are fiberglass wallpaper with a special glue, which is previously applied to the substrate, attached to the wall. The dry season usually lasts up to eight hours. Usually a slightly shiny latex paint is used for the final coat. Fiberglass wallpaper are available in numerous colors, Patterns and strengths available and thus offer both the workplace but also in the private sector countless design possibilities.

Fiberglass wallpaper as wall decor for your own interior

What has proven itself in the public sector, will undoubtedly have a positive effect also in private. Fiberglass wallpaper offer not least allergy-friendly and a gentle way of wallcovering. In addition, fiberglass wallpaper guarantee maximum hygiene, since they are easily washable. Nor do they make such other wall coverings a breeding ground for spores or molds represent and consequently limit the risk of respiratory disease, a significantly. Due to their high load capacity and compatibility they are suitable especially as a wallcovering in kitchen, Bathroom and children. Besides the advantage of heat resistance and moisture resistance, it proves just for the private sector as a positive, that fiberglass wallpaper can be painted over several times. Accordingly one can impart desired his own premises with a different color a whole new atmosphere. If you put in applying the color nor the required sensitivity to light, so you can also be certain, that the respective structure surface even after repeated recoating remains intact. In conclusion it can be said, that a fiberglass wallpaper because of their numerous variations, its general compatibility and longevity not only in the public sector, but is also for domestic use the optimal wallcovering.

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